IMS has created many of the ideas that fuel todays successful web sites.
"Anyone can make a dollar, it is when you make sense that it starts to add up."...does your Biz plan make sense?

The Internet - an investment in time

fact.gif (1606 bytes)Yes Mr. businessman the internet is not going to go away during your lifetime!

fiction.gif (1933 bytes) If you don't own or use a computer with internet access your business and life will not be affected by it!

comment.gif (1846 bytes) Just because you don't believe in insurance, doesn't mean your not going to die. More money was spent in 1999 to "web enable" the worlds population than all other industries combined. Seems kind of strange since the #1 word used on the internet is FREE. But the NET is a blending of both traditional and "new wave" thinking. If your looking to make money on the internet the old fashion way, measured in immediate'd better come up with some dramatic new thinking or put up a porno site.  Any successful internet venture involves a investment in both technology and time. Time is the coin of life. The one thing all humans wish they had more control over and the basic lure of the Internet.

fact.gif (1606 bytes) At any given moment 95% of the worlds population isn't interested in doing business with you. This applies to the real world and Cyberspace.

fiction.gif (1933 bytes) Your current business model will be able to sustain you and remain prosperous.

comment.gif (1846 bytes) The world doesn't care about your past accomplishments, assets or history whether your GM or a local outlet shoppe.. When the 5% are actively seeking goods or services, that is the moment in time when you hope they will see or remember you! That's the concept behind the value of advertising, location, or in the case of the internet...access to your business- 24/7. Internet exposure is important. After all millions are out there this moment seeking information, entertainment or buying products. No substancial business from EDS, AT&T to Ford Motor Co. can rely on their existing business model to sustain them in a "information age" economy. All must change to prosper! All must cater to the human side of the business equation and address the end user needs of any product or service.

Many people are constantly searching for the secret to online success.  Most never find it. Some go broke trying. Yet each year the resources spent in pursuit of the 'holy grail' of Internet marketing continue to grow. This 'secret' is touted in thousands of places, in thousands of guises. The hype surrounding the subject is almost impenetrable. So dense that even the experienced can succumb. If you are just starting out online, chances are that you too will be sucked in. To save you from wasting much time and energy, if not money too, let me share the truth with you.

The REAL secret to your success is ...YOU!

The most important criteria as to whether you 'make it' or not,
is simply YOUR ATTITUDE and treating it like a real business. All other factors are secondary and really don't mount and henderence to online success! Have a e-business it.. and then work & revise that plan daily!

fact.gif (1606 bytes) Time -not money- is your most valuable investment medium. You'll only seek out the convenience of buying other peoples products or services when your not willing to invest your time in duplicating their efforts.

fiction.gif (1933 bytes) Your return on investment is equal to the amount of money your willing to invest and the value of any investment is measured in a profit percentage.

comment.gif (1846 bytes) Wrong!  You invest in plant, equipment, employees and outside services or stocks etc. only to save time. Not all investments require a financial return to have value, but any investment requiring your time better have a payoff. People shun meetings that waste time.

fact.gif (1606 bytes) Your knowledge in your product or service is directly proportional to the time you devote to it not the amount you spent on it.

fiction.gif (1933 bytes) If you just poor more money into something that your not willing to invest your time in... everything will eventually work out fine.

comment.gif (1846 bytes) If you invest money where you have a "time passion" you'll always get a return. You can be loose or tight with a buck, but you'll never relinquish control over your time. Any true investment involves both time and money. Anything else is just a form of gambling.

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fact.gif (1606 bytes) There is just one universal depository of human knowledge. It is the internet !

fiction.gif (1933 bytes) You possess some secret or insider information that will give you a competitive advantage upon which you can build your business.

comment.gif (1846 bytes) Anybody willing to research your business or industry via the web can often find out more than even you know about all aspects of your industry. Most people wouldn't think about stealing someone else's money, but all are willing to steal their ideas and the time they used to create them! If you steal someone's idea, and are first to market with it, who is the last person you'll want contact with? Conversely, when you cut out the idea man ( the one who was willing to invest his time to acquire the idea advantage) you'll only succeed if your willing to replace his passion and time commitment with your own. The money is only valuable if it fuels the passion. Not willing to invest the time, then just buy some stock in the idea and let someone else do the work. Well funded operations built on new ideas will florish as long as your attitude is not...Me -Me-Mine!

Sample IMS generated web site for selling Home air purification products for Pharmatropic LLC

The top rated home air purifier on sale for 399.00

Have you ever wondered about the microorganisms that could be contaminating yourNanoO2 air cleaner uses negative ions to destroy home air polution. environment?  Unquestionably, people today are unaware of the harm associated with breathing unclean air.  Considering that there are immeasurable causes for the development of pollutants in the air that you breathe every day, it is safe to say that people should be more concerned about the health risks of inhaling unsafe air.  But just how severe are the effects of breathing unclean air?..... read on ... Air Quality & Health Risks   Looking for air purifiers proven to work at cleaning up the home air your breathing???? click here. Our Hydroxyls attack airborne pollutants that include viruses, bacteria, germs, odors, and chemical gases (VOCs). The Pollutants are destroyed in the process, while the Hydroxyl ions reform into water vapor (H2O) or other harmless air molecules. The NanoO2™ produces no harmful by-products as it emulates the way nature cleans the air.

Regenerating Your Environment is Healthy Choice you can control.

Cutaway view of the NanoO2 Air Purifier parts

Purchase a proven air purifier system and perform before/after air quality testing.


Sale Price $399


1500-2500 Sq. ft. $69.00 (after 3-years)
NANO O2 Ultra
Sale Price $449


2500-4000 Sq. ft. $79.00 (after 3-years)

Click on either checkout now or view cart contents buttons for orders

** Pros over competition: Low cost, no yearly maintenance, just plug-in installation, airborne hydro peroxides, super oxide ions and hydroxide ions travel throughout the house providing 24-hour protection against airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOC’s. The NanoO2 cell also acts as a HE/UVC germicidal lamp and treats the air that passes directly by it. The UV lamp in the NanoO2 chamber combines with naturally occurring water vapor to form Hydroxyl Radicals (OH, unstable molecules stripped of hydrogen and oxygen atoms).  

Many air purifiers that have been sold, and are still available today, have been shown to produce dangerously high levels of ozone. New air quality study reports are revealing the negative side effects of direct ozone exposure. Get the advantage of safer ion Oxidation cleaning and nanotechnology with the NANO O2™ UV air purifier system. We set out to market a safe residential air purifier that could produce safe, low concentrations of ozone that would not exceed the .04 ppm Federal limits. This was accomplished in the early 1990's, about the same time as the Federal Government was going after the ozone blasting residential units that exceeded this standard. This battle of the Feds and air purifier manufacturers, like Sharper Image's Ionic Breeze, gave ozone a very bad name.The NanoO2 cell turns ozone into beneficial cleaning ions

With the Nano metalic coating technology to build a device that produces safe, low concentrations of ozone and the ability to ensure a room would not exceed .04 ppm, it was time to set out to validate the use of this device on mold, VOC's, odors and bacterial. Particle size has been the only limiting factor to silver, titanium and other base metals effectiveness as an anti-bacterial agent. Now through nano-technology, a rapidly growing science of producing and utilizing particles that measure in nanometers (1 billionth of a meter), silver, Titanium oxides can be used efficiently as an antimicrobial in medicines, air filters, clothing and personal hygiene products. Fox TV News was doing a three-part series on indoor air problems and tested one of the older name brand of excessive ozone producing units. The purifier they had tested was producing 18 ppm ozone, a lethal amount that drove the camera crew and news reporter right out of the office. The Fox people then asked if they could independently test the PCO technology used in the original NanoO2 air purifier. They ran tests supervised by an independent air specialist and two medical doctors. The series turned out to be a fantastic infomercial for this technology. The results couldn't have been better. Fox ran this on their national news network and their national health news. Popular Science picked up the story for their magazine and ran it on the Popular Science TV Show.

The original NANO O2PCO Cell was designed for use in a central HVAC system. This provides the fastest and most effective oxidizer distribution. Rhodium, Titanium, Silver and other metallic coatings were added as a catalyst to emit cleaning bacteria destroying ions. Then improved hydration compounds were also added to increase hydrogen content and a total new bulb target concept was used. A 360 degree cell provided maximum exposure of the catalysts. The UC-C bulb was reworked into a HE/UV Broad Spectrum 100-3-NM bulb with a heavy duty filament was developed. This combined with a soft start ballast gave the new NanoO2 Cell an unprecedented 3 year, 25,000 hour life. This was a major improvement over the current standard 8,000-10,000 hour UV bulb life. The most important improvement was the efficacy, the new NanoO2 cell design created more hydro peroxides, super oxide ions while bringing down ozone levels to only .01-.015 ppm (less then half the federal max safe levels). Country or forest air is usually around .01-.02 ppm of ozone.

The NanoO2 air purification units do not require noisy high speed fans in order to clean the air in your home or office. The fans utilized in our units simply push the five air cleaning ions created into the air, which then radiate through your entire home constantly destroying air borne and surface contaminants. Since the hydrioxide ions are present in your air 24/7 the air is constantly being cleaned without have to pass directly through the unit to sanitize your home air.

Ionic generation technology placed into 3rd generation air purifiers
Regenerating Your HOME Environment is Healthy Choice you can control.

fact.gif (1606 bytes) If you don't create a product or service that can be easily replicated you can't grow rich by the efforts of others. Will your creative idea or product thrive if it becomes
You must "empower your customer" with intelligent choices -not control or dominate them. The abundance upon which the network economy is built is one of opportunity.

fiction.gif (1933 bytes) Providing free advise or service to someone will encourage them to help you grow your core business!

comment.gif (1846 bytes) Human nature dictates that you really don't want others to know about your "Ace in the Hole". Providing access to free help or information so others will refer more customers to your great XYZ business has it's drawbacks. The whole idea crumbles when costs are added too- free services. When the XYZ business owner basically gets tired of your just stopping by to freeload, and begins to charge you for the services rendered, that old human nature takes over and you'll go out of your way to ruin his business that you never really intended to promoted in the first place.

fact.gif (1606 bytes) There are 8.9 million registered domain web sites on the internet. Add those to the 9 million " freebee" web sites within hosting communities, and you get the picture of the numbers of people using the internet for billboard displays.

fiction.gif (1933 bytes) By just having a "web presence" your business will be able to expand its marketing potential to new customers with no substantial investment in time or money.

comment.gif (1846 bytes) Where's the opportunity for my business in this already crowded marketplace? The key here is in the "fiction" section. Over 80% of all web site owners have no real commitment to moving a substantial portion of their conventional business to the internet. They only have a billboard hidden by the trees along the "information hi-way". Every single site that has a committed owner, who keeps it current and relative to their audience and web plan, will prosper if they dedicate themselves to providing "value added" service.

fact.gif (1606 bytes) Of the 100 million people logged onto to the internet right now, 5% (5 million) are actively seeking to purchase something.

fiction.gif (1933 bytes) Your current business is addressing the needs of these shoppers.

comment.gif (1846 bytes) Of the millions of  web sites pushing some kind of product or service, less than 10% of them have a "web enabled" cash register to allow buyers to securely purchase their product or service. You can bet that those with the registers ( shopping cart/e-catalog) are ringing up sales as others look at your pretty billboard.

fact.gif (1606 bytes) Get-in2 or any other CyberMall project requires constant attention to attract and keep visitors returning to the site. Get-in2 has no products directly for sale and certainly will prosper once the proposed shopping cart/E-catalog program is in place to automatically generate merchant shops, Outlets and sales.

fiction.gif (1933 bytes) A web site owner can rely upon " affiliate" sales programs to generate income without a traffic building advertising budget.

comment.gif (1846 bytes) Get-in2, like most web sites, has little chance to succeed without a real commitment and budget to build on it's plan to turn it into a money making machine. Affiliate commission sales programs from the likes of Dell, IBM, Fashion Mall,  Barnes and Noble, CD Now, etc. are only viable if there are huge traffic numbers. Niche' merchants, or those with really great pricing and extra care services, would do really well at this site. With a automatic storefront generator, and low merchant entry point prices the Mall will take off. ViaMall, started about the same time, was recently bought by Yahoo! for 490 million cash, even though it never showed a profit. Geocities, a free web site community, was bought by Excite for 230 million in cash + stock on a initial investment of 3500.00. All three CyberMalls operate on a fixed low cost hosting expense. Two of the site owners gambled on the growth of the internet to establish a value to their investment or money and TIME. They built their Cyber properties, which always operated at a loss, into multi-million dollar assets based on traffic. The other relied upon old established business rules that dictated no investment would be made until they could see a profit.

Which ones profited from thinking differently? Who profited the most from committing their time and money to make their vision into a reality?  Then ask the big question. Why would successful web sites like Excite and Yahoo spend millions to buy Geocities and ViaMall? Maybe the answer is that someone was willing to pay that much to acquire the time investment of the original owners, so they didn't have to duplicate the effort to develop or acquire the traffic.

fact.gif (1606 bytes) or fiction.gif (1933 bytes)

"If you don't have the expertise and want to keep the competition guessing about
your online competence and strategy, it's better to confide the task to those who
*do* have the skills. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, you may
remove all doubt...." IMS -webmaster

Maybe the adage "it takes money to make money" is even truer than ever.  The web promises almost free everything, from email accounts to web space. So, you might think, you have a great idea and since you can get all this free stuff, you can launch your business at almost zero cost....WRONG!

The guy who jumps out an alley offering Rolex watches at twenty bucks a pop doesn't have much overhead.  But he doesn't engender much trust either, and only the gullible and greedy, hoping to make a quick buck, will bite.  Do you think people don't recognize that you are riding on that same free wagon, and will give you the same trust as that Rolex Guy?

In Y-2001 the easy VC money has dried up and all the CEO scam artists are seeing their perks & stock options disappear. Don't start a web site or ebusiness plan without a real sustainable budget and stay away from those high price web consultencies like MarchFirst who rape the clients and build sites that squander megabucks. The 240+ web sites IMS has launched all still exist and Get-in2 shoppers appreciate the fact that we feature here trusted merchants with real deals in all categories.

See our FAQs which tells you what not to do on the NET.

Imsviz2.jpg (8930 bytes)

"Vision without action is just a day dream...
Action without vision can be a nightmare"
Combine the two and you have the makings of a profitable reality!

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