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Newsflash -SOHO- fuels growth in the 21st Century

Get-in2 believes in Small Business rules in Y- 2003, so we've compiled a list of small-business facts and figures. All statistics are from the U.S. Small Business Administration web site, unless otherwise noted. Find insight and inspiration in knowing our society depends on keeping small business in business.

Review the Small Business numbers

  • Number of small businesses in the United States: 29 million

  • Percentage of U.S. employers that are small businesses: 99.7

  • Percentage of the private-sector work force employed by small businesses: 53%

  • Percentage of new jobs created by small businesses: 80%

  • Number of employees in the average U.S. small business: 3

  • Percentage of the U.S. gross national product generated by small businesses 1998: 51%

  • Percentage of all U.S. technological innovations generated by small businesses: 55%

  • Percentage of small-business owners who were home-based SOHO-in 1999: 50% (Dun & Bradstreet)

 Financing facts

  • Percentage of startups financed by the owner, friends or family: 71 (Coopers and Lybrand)

  • Percentage of startups financed by investors: 13% (C&L)

  • Percentage of startups financed by bank loans: 8% (C&L)

  • Percentage of startups financed by supplier/customer alliances: 8 (C&L)

  • Number of business plans, out of every 1,000, that win venture funding through venture capital firms: 6% (

  • Percentage of small businesses that fail within the first year of business: 80 %

  • Percentage of small businesses that use business credit cards for business purposes: 27.6% (Federal Reserve)

  • Percentage of small businesses that use personal credit cards for business purposes: 39.2% (Federal Reserve)

  • Percentage of federal contract dollars that go to small businesses: 35%

  • Number of hours a typical small-business owner works per week: 50.4

  • Number of hours a typical small-business owner spends on financial tasks per week: 22 hrs. (MasterCard)

Net impact -- IBM Special Offers and Hot Deals

  • Percentage of small businesses that accessed the Internet in 1999: 50 (International Data Corp.)

  • Projected percentage of small businesses accessing the Internet by 2003: 70% (IDC)

  • Number of small companies transacting business on the Internet in 1998: 1.8 million (Access Media International)

  • Number of small companies transacting business on the Internet in 2000: 2.8 million (AMI)

  • Dollars that U.S. small businesses spent online in 1998: 2 billion (AMI)

  • Dollars that U.S. small businesses spent online in 1999: 25 billion (AMI)

  • Projected online spending by small businesses in 2000: $55 billion (AMI)

  • Projected e-commerce sales earnings for small firms in 2002: $25 billion

 Conquering the world

  • Percentage of U.S. exporters that are small businesses: 97% (U.S. Department of Commerce)

  • Number of small-business exporters in 1987: 65,900 (IRS)

  • Number of small-business exporters in 1997: 202,185 (IRS)

  • Percentage of total U.S. export sales generated by small businesses: 31

  • Percentage increase in value for small-business exports between 1992 and 1997: 300 %

Internet Opportunities for all

  • Number of women-owned small businesses in 1999: 9.1 million

  • Number of people employed by women-owned small businesses: 27.5 million

  • Percentage increase in women-owned small businesses from 1988 to 1998: 89%

  • Percentage growth in revenue for women-owned businesses from 1987 to 1997: 221%

  • Number of Hispanic-owned small businesses in 1997: 1.4 million

  • Number of Asian-owned small businesses in 1997: 1.1 million

  • Number of black-owned small businesses in 1997: 880,000

  • Revenue generated by minority-owned businesses in 1997: $495 billion

  • Projected revenue for minority small businesses in 2000: $830 billion

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You cannot motivate the best people with money. Money is just away to keep score. The best people in any field are motivated by passion.

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What are those pesky computer parasites?

‘Parasite’ is a shorthand term for “unsolicited commercial software” — that is, an Adwarez  program that gets installed on your computer which you never asked for, and which does something you probably don’t want it to, for someone else’s profit. Adware/Spyware or Malware is a huge problem not covered by anti-virus programs. The parasite problem has grown enormously recently, and many millions of computers are affected. I like the terms parasiteware or Scumware over Adware any day.  Be sure to read this complete section and take the steps to download my recommended detection and removal software. Recommended ... LavaSoft Ad-Aware6.0 or download Spybot S&D at with these nasties out there in mass ...get and use all three Get-in2 recomendations.

The most important step you can take is to secure your system from getting infested. And SpywareBlaster is the most powerful protection program available. Prevent the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, adware, browser hijackers, dialers, and other potentially unwanted pests. Block spyware/tracking cookies in Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox. Please support sites like who earn commissions from recommending trusted merchants for savvy shoppers.  Be sure to not check off auto removal of these cookies... Bfast (BeFree merchants) all Commission Junction cookies and those from Linksynergy (Linkshare) or I'm out of business. The sale commission tracking cookies set from our merchant links are NOT SPYWARE. download the free Spywareblaster ...

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