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on Site Promotions and Marketing Strategies for a New Millennium and migration to Web Based sales and branding. The multi-billion dollar Brick-n-Mortar leaders like Walmart, Home Depot and Sears are all getting get it together to compete! One thing I've always warned those who think Gorilla marketing is the way to go out for the consumer backlash. No popups -no spamming and definitely protect your customers privacy.

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Marketing on the Internet is definitely different from off-line marketing. Internet Marketing is marketing through content and information. It is characterized by both pull marketing techniques designed to entice users to your site..   plain banners, as well as push or "in-your-face" advertising ( rich media Ads). IMS loves to make banners for affiliated merchants seeking to build traffic. Press releases and company insider newsletters are the easiest way to promote your companies web site.

Have a web site? If the answer is yes, then like the rest of us, you need traffic to get your message or products in front of more people. Submitting your site to can be quickly and easy using Dynamic Software's "Submission 2000" program. I use it for promoting my own web sites and those of my over 200 web project clients. Dynamic Software has been covered in several high profile magazines including ZDnet and PC Magazine and comes highly recommended by their product reviewers. IMS Webmaster- Mike Hyland

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IMS promotion tipsIn this area we discuss all facets of Internet marketing including advertising, Public Relations, and the concept of "giving back to the Internet." With the Internet you can cut production and distribution costs, quickly fine-tune your message, respond more readily to the competition, and reach your target market more precisely. Here is a good place to find out from us, these sponsors and each other, how to develop a marketing plan, deploy the mix of Internet tools appropriate to that plan, and incorporate an Internet campaign into your broader marketing strategy.'s has the location and plan for drawing visitors to your site if your listed here in our Cybermalls for 120.00 per year. E-mail IMS for details.

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Making a web site is easy and affordable! Finally a solution that allows you to make a small business website with all the features you expect to find on a big corporation site. Of course you'll need a viable in demand product or service, at a really good price before the traffic means anything to your pocketbook. Web promotions do pay off but never can make up for a poor e-biz plan or inferior over priced product.

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