Get-in2 & Impulse Ads -Merchant Outlet Mall plan

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Dynamically generated Outlet shops No custom programming required and merchants layout and administer shops.
Affiliate program and auto signup Increase Mall traffic & recruits merchants without any expense to Get-in2.
Level 1 Merchants- 10% fee on sales InstaShop generator and low entry cost.
Gold Merchants -broadcast best buy offers to all high traffic sites. Post their 10 best offers to the Impulse!Buy Network at a reduced cost.
All posting, editing, tracking and reports are browser based. No software needs to be installed on merchant computers to activate system
Gold Merchants pay 100.00 setup and 400.00 per month ( plus published Impulse comm. % on generated sales) Any sales made from Get-in2 "Outlet Mall is flat 10% and they get 50% off Impulse!Buy networks monthly base rate for their top 10 offers.
E-catalog/cart linked to Impulse!Buy networks -real-time DBMS reporting system and phase II search engine. Get-in2 will automatically enroll merchants in our Phase II intelligent shopping agent and dynamically created shopping centers for portal communities.
Free hosting and $600 cart program No need for merchant to have web site
Shared secure server & certificate Each merchant doesn't need to spend $125 to Verisign or IC Verify to process CC.
All merchant shops are affiliate enabled. They can offer their own affiliate sales program on items posted at Get-in2.
Get-in2 banner & profile listing 120.00/yr. for a profile link to Outlet shop

Get-in2 proposed additions to generate and support project:

1. Install Affiliate tracking and signup CGI script file:

2. Miva Ecommerce Mall shopping cart and browser based E-catalog with merchant services:
( same program can be used for Outlets, Wholesale club and The PcStore orders)

3. Secure Verisign certificate for secure transactions:

4. Credit cards and checks merchant accounts back office: several choices.

5. High speed hosting on NETONE -FMC OC-3-16 "Optronics" network (used by Yahoo & Netscape, CNN etc)  Outsource high speed hosting for high traffic new design structure.

6. Install Trilogies "Buying chain" purchsing interface for SOHO company online purchasing from 5 million products.

7. Put online the ISP and hosting signup forms. Introduce user installed Broadband high speed ISP access for national deployment. xDSL and cable modem access speeds to 1.54 mps.

9. Impulse!Buy Network merchant account: 1st 30 days free, Level 1 status-

10. Install the "InstaSHOP" program to quickly build Outlets shops for new online merchants.

11. Setup The PcStore as a company sales outlet and feature the turnkey ISP Pentium 350MHZ + multi-media systems with 3 years of unlimited access and on site service for $39.95 for 36 months. ( National & local ISP #'s)

12. Link all Get-in2 & Impulse Ads wholesale club and corporate accounts to our own PcOrder site. Online realtime access to 145,000 computer products from all major warehouse distributors with direct to end user order fulfillment.

NOTES: ( Impulse!Buy Network also has a level 2 program for merchant groups that do less than 1.5 million in sales with no monthly fee but higher commission rates)

See the IMS whitepaper for details on proposed intelligent shopping agent and dynamically generated shopping communities. This is the Phase II project that  can be private labeled for high traffic sites.

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