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Webmaster Guide to Planning a web site

clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers
clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers
Custom built clones clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers

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Web site building guidelines by experienced IMS webmaster

Planning guide for a website with growth issues dictated by your companies expansions needs. We kmow you have ... Questions - Questions - Questions ?

Websites are constantly changing and evolving, and have to have the executiveWe take your Brick-n-Mortar businees and launch it on the internet. commitment to electronic publishing the corporate vision to all interested parties with a stake in the company. IMS furnishes the answers to all the following questions as part of our web site projects for clients since 1997. Image Marketing Services specializes in building web sites for the small businessman seeking to tap into new customers via an internet presence. Sure we offer more the the typical webshop with a passion for each project unmatched by the higher priced firms. Typical complete projects start at 500.00 and never exceed $2500.00 including the ebiz plan, artwork, page layout and a unique look that seperates you from your competitors. Visual excitement with a vision behind every page. Below you'll find some of the common questions we fully answered for everyone of the 200+ clients ...before commencing web-work on their behalf.


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Image Marketing Services designs and launches ecommerce and informational web sites for clients since 1997.

How do we integrate e-mail and a interactive website into our day to day operations? Can we improve customer & supplier communications while streamlining our sales order cycle via the internet? Should I inventory items or use a blind drop shipper?

How do I drive targeted traffic to my web pages, as junk traffic sheisters are everywhere seeking to drain my Advertising budget? Do I invest in Googles "Adwords" keyword PPCSE click traffic or use Yahoo's Overture and other lesser known pay per click search engines.

How do we convert our "old model clients", who still are still billed on open account terms basis, to our new e-commerce model with online quotes and ordering? Is their shopping carts that display both retail and multi-level dealer pricing automatically?

What is the main purpose of the "website"? -Is it to allow for a corporate web-presence to project our image, and allow new and existing customers 24 hr. access to information on our manufacturing capabilities? Are we willing and prepared to actually conduct business and generate revenues via the internet, and expand our customer base nationwide and abroad ?  What information do we wish to pass on to this audience with e-mailed newsletters to turn them into repeat customers?

Can we put our paper catalog online and actually provide 3D and zoom detail views of our product lines? Can we tag available inventory quantities to the shopping cart to eliminate "Out of Stock" sales?

What target market are we seeking to attract to our website, and what is the proper way to accomplish this via SEO/SEM? (Search Engine Marketing and page Optimization. Can affiliate marketing work for me to increase my sites conversion ratio and sales volume? How can we incorporate a database into our web site or use one to generate a e-catalog complete with product photos?

Can we benefit from e-commerce solutions for our existing vendors and customers, and attract new business? Is new customer acquisition costs online cheaper then offline?

What benefits can be derived to each of our operating departments by web-enabling our company? Having a web presence is a given today but my business is local. Can I target local customers and direct them to my business effectively?

How do we simplify our sales cycle, while expanding our "order fulfillment" and settlement procedures to increase cash flow to more of our customer base? Does IMS have ecommerce customers willing to share their success stories? We sure do. See for an example client who has grown from 60 reseller stores to over 2100 since we re-designed their web site for selling their Patented HoldUp Suspenders and now Sloops Blue jeans. They are the highest converting product merchant on the internet averaging 1 sale per every 20 visitors to the pages for over 5 years.

Does the internet/Intranet give us a competitive advantage when dealing with our largest accounts? Can we securely share documents, drawings, price lists and job quotations via our web site?

Are we in tune with our industry and supplier/customer base by promoting our company via a website? We sure don't want to alienate our existing Brick-n-Mortar business with aggressive online marketing?

Should we entertain contractual commitments with other web sites through "Affiliate Marketing" programs? Cater to foreign customers and seek this type of business ? (margins on international trade accounts are often double stateside accounts, but often require more front office, exporting partners and legal work to meet the new requirements and compliances.)

How do we advertise our website to our targeted audience when we have a limited budget?

Will your website structure allow for easy online publishing by your own non programming staff once completed? Does IMS support tools like Microsoft Frontpage and simple shopping cart hosting accounts that will allow us to take over day to day site upgrades and changes? Do we have the tools and the time to work The NET...or can we contract for your expertise on a monthly, or as needed basis?

What are the monthly expenses associated with hosting our site on a Secure Hosted server if we decide to launch a web site? Surprise -surprise as most of our clients host their sites for under 20.00/month and spend 30.00/month if they want a fully function shopping cart and e-catalog program. You can also consider a shop within a Mall like get-in2, Amazon or Yahoo storefronts to auguement your web site traffic.

Who will handle the e-mail flow within our organization, once our customers and suppliers find out we are web-enabled? I see everything from "Live-Help" programs and 800#'s all over the net. Do these necessarily increase my employee count or can the web site actually reduce the amount of customer help phone time?

Lot's of questions we at Image Marketing Services field every month as we select clients who ARE ready to go online. From initial contact to a fully launched web project we can take your visions and make them into realities. Click here for more information on our services and some sample client sites we have launched. All are still prospering as we sure don't make any bombs after qualifying our clients with sound reliable and measurable ebiz plans.

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get-in2 tip: Always look for merchant site links to manufacturer related closeouts, clearence items or refurbished equipment for the absolute best buys! Take a look at Overstock's best deals on digital cameras, film cameras and optics.... and join their Club-O buyers club and immediately save additional 5% with 1.00 total order freight charges. get-in2 showcases products that are priced below dealer cost.

Always look to for showcasing the best merchants who discount name brand merchandise daily. The PcSHOPS mall carries name brand and clone computers from all major distributors

 Computer CloseoutsTechforLess the Outlet computer center for excess inventories and computer closeout or open box gear. and Refurbish Gear

About Tech for Less, Inc. As you might have already noticed, we are not like most computer and electronics stores. Tech for Less only stocks product that we can sell below the price other online merchants charge. You will see that our inventory never looks the same twice and that we stock all major brands of computer products ranging from high-end servers, CRT or LCS monitors, to little inkjet printers. And don't forget to look at our televisions, MP3 players and more great deals. Check out their New Arrivals ... Final Clearance Sales ... Web only specials

Tech for Less has been in business since early 2001 and we are one of the world's largest stocking vendors of new, new open-box, excess, refurbished and end-of-life name brand computer equipment, peripherals and electronics. All our products carry the manufacturer warranty unless specifically noted otherwise. In such a case, Tech for Less will warrant the item for the same period as the manufacturer to ensure your satisfaction. Laptop specials or printers, MP-3 players and the Closeout systems pages are popular with our Cybermall shoppers.

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clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers
clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers
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