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The following links to information resources for EC "Electronic Commerce" and "Electronic Data Interchange" EDI are provided by get-in2 to allow IMS clients access to the wealth of information ( via the Internet) on this subject that is effecting all businesses as the world turns to ways of cutting cost, time and paper work. You may e-mail requests to be added here.

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Web Marketing Resource Links & articles

Banner Ad Revenue

  • Janet Ryan and Nancy Whiteman, "Lesson One in the Online Ad Game: Size Matters," ClickZ, 9/18/2000. Although the future looks bright for online ad revenues, new sites considering banner ads as a revenue stream must face a cold hard fact: without sufficient critical mass, page views and inventory, they will not have a viable advertising play.

Banner Ads (General)

  • "Rich Media," Iconocast, 9/21/2000. By 2003, still 77% of the online populations will access the Web via dial-up, limiting rich media bandwidth. Projects by 2005 30% of online media spending will be devoted to rich media or streaming advertising, up from 7% this year.Sees advertisers' leading tools of choice as Flash 54%, Enliven 27%, RealAudio 27%, Unicast 12%, and RealVideo 12%.
  • Pamela Parker, "Media Shopping for the Holidays: The Pros Share their Strategies," ChannelSeven, 9/7/2000. If you plan to advertise your webstore's holiday offerings online or through email campaigns, you need to act fast to get the placement and pricing you want. Consider using rich media, and hot-button words like 'free', to cut through the clutter.

Branding On The Web

  • "BannerStake," Thomson Thomson & Thomson. Free program queries major directories and search engines for the keyword you insert to see if your company's brand (or desired keywords) are being purchased by competitors.
  • Lee Traupel, "Branding on the Web is like Mining for Fool's Gold," Offers 10 tips for B2B branding on the Web, including: do a careful competitive analysis, identify your target audience, devise revenue-producing branding,incorporate your offline branding into your online branding when/where you can. Bottom line: build a revenue-producing online brand by developing a campaign that sells the value of their goods or services.
  • Heidi Anderson, " Building Brand With Email," ClickZ, 9/28/2000. Instead of spending large sums of money on advertising, start-up gardening e-tailer chose to build its brand awareness by developing a database of loyal individuals first. Case study of the campaign, which included a combination of onlinebanners, buttons, and insertions into opt-in email newsletters.
  • Jennifer Praeger, "Creating Your Brand Without Breaking the Bank," AdResource, 9/8/2000. Advice on developing brand identity for small online business operators (summarized from Rob Frankel's book): define the personality of the company and then advertise, promote, and reinforce that personality at every opportunity. Tips for choosing adomain name, making a good (consistent) impression, being authentic, and appealing to a target market.
  • Pascal Burg, "Brands, Banking and Ebusiness," Describes the online development of brands to drive traffic and create trust in order to drive sales.

Banner Ad Design

  • Adam Jackson, "How to Design a More Effective Banner," ClickZ, 9/19/2000. 10 tips for designing good banner ads. (1) start with a great concept (2) be relevant (3) define your key metric (4) don't sacrifice brand integrity for a cheap click (5) keep it simple (6) focus on one unique attribute(7) create an effective marketing mix (8) be consistent (9) don't forget the button (10) test rich media banners for quality assurance.

Advertising In E-Mail Newsletters

  • Kim MacPherson, "Let Your Creative Juices Flow," ClickZ, 9/25/2000. How to get beyond run-of-the-mill email marketing messages and create attention-getting pieces that stand out from the clutter: (1) don't follow rules (2) think in pictures (3) be original (4) create a blueprint (5) take some risks.

Incentives And Contests

  • "Incentives," Iconocast, 9/7/2000. Cites an April 00 Jupiter Communications report to the effect that low prices (45%) lead in increasing online buying, followed by security 38%, finding items 38%, customer service 37%, easier returns 37%, and loyalty rewards 22%. While low prices don'tproduce profits, coupons do. Coupons are most used with online Groceries 59%, Books 32%, and Music 30%.
  • Geneva J. King, "Click, Print and Save: Online Couponing," ChannelSeven, 9/21/2000. Overview of online discount coupon schemes, including services from,, and Discusses their different approaches, coupons for webstores vs brick-and-mortar retailers, security and fraud issues.
  • Gary Gately, "New E-tail Currency in the Air," E-Commerce Times, 8/30/2000. is a new points-based incentive program that allows members of major frequent-flyer programs (Delta, Northwest, Continental and others) to redeem air miles for a percentage of the price of online merchandise (Amazon, Sharper Image).

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  • Collecting Customer Information

    • Nick Usborne, "Tripping Over Permission," ClickZ, 9/11/2000. The more you do to get permission, the less likely you are to get it. In other words, make it really easy for the first-time visitor to have an initial good experience and grant basic permission for follow-ups. Don't put up barriers by asking for too muchright away.
    • Bruce Haring, "Datamining: Spam or Future of Music Business?" The Industry Standard, 9/25/2000. Some of the best consumer profile and psychographic databases belong to vendors of music - record labels, fan and record clubs. Although the data is valuable, the industry has been slow to 'mine' it. Overview of a growing trend to use fan data for directmarketing and up-selling. Examples: ;'N Sync, Pearl Jam, Grateful Dead, Hootie and the Blowfish.

    Newsletter & Discussion List Marketing

    • " Hits 20,000 Readers in Just 4 Months (With Almost No Budget),", 8/22/2000. Explains how expanded their newsletter list, first through e-mails to 1,000 people in the industry that they knew, with requests to pass on the info. Then by having staff attend industry events to spread the word. It alsohas partnerships with iSyndicate and others to distribute headlines.

    Opt-In & Targeted E-Mail Marketing

    • Stephan Spencer, "Mining for Sales in the E-mail Minefield," BOB Interactive, 9/1/2000. Author cautions that improperly executed e-mail marketing can "backfire with disastrous business consequences." Some suggestions: provide three opt-in opportunities, all with low entry barriers, provide real value, test and measure everything you do.

    Website Content

    • "Master Syndicator software," Net Designs. CGI program with JavaScript allows publishers to syndicate their content easily to other sites. Developed by programmer William Bontrager. $99.00.
    • "Moreover," . Billing themselves as "the world's largest collection of webfeeds," aggregates and sorts news into 315 categories. It allows you to put headlines of selected topics on your site. When a headline is clicked on,it opens a new browser and takes your visitor to the story on its original site. Free except their custom webfeeds which keeps visitors on a site with your logo.
    • "The Syndicator - Article Syndication Feeds," Provides updated article content for your sites webpages at no charge.
    • Bob Tedeschi, "The Middlemen of Content," New York Times, 9/25/2000. Syndicated content is becoming popular on e-commerce sites, as they seek ways to cut costs yet maintain a fresh source of information to draw in new visitors. Survey of syndication providers (iSyndicate, ScreamingMedia, NewsEdge, YellowBrix) and how theirmaterial is bought, sold and used.

    New Marketing Approaches (Not Banner Ads)

    • Michelle Maisto, "M-Consumption," Field Force Automation, 9/1/2000. Author provides top three unique features of mobile commerce deriving from location-based advertising.: (1) the ability to find and buy goods and services (2) the ability to serve as a digital wallet (3) the ability to receive targeted ads.
    • Pamela Parker, "J.G. Sandom," ChannelSeven, 9/15/2000. Interview with CEO of interactive marketing company RappDigital. Topics include: integrating the marketing message across different platforms, the Internet as a branding medium, the role of broadband and wireless technologies.
    • Mike Cleary, "CDs Resurrected As E-Tail Marketing Tool," Inter@ctive Week, 9/12/2000. Although webstores with huge database catalogs would seem to have written an end to product catalogs on CD-ROM, Internet Plus is bringing the CD back as an e-tail tool - combined with its CommerceDirect online purchase engine. Case study of its recentCD-ROM campaign via 1.3 million copies of Marie Claire magazine.

    Privacy Issues

    • Dylan Tweney, "The Rules for Writing a Privacy Policy," eCompany, 9/7/2000. Your online privacy policy must be simple, clear, and forthright. Make it an opt-in policy, post it clearly on the site, then stick to it without question. Also general background on recent privacy policy issues, such as's change of terms.
    • Esther Dyson, "I of the Beholder," Forbes ASAP, 10/2/2000. Discusses issues of disclosure and privacy on the Internet. Suggests individuals have responsibility for determining how much information they need from others, how much they are willing to reveal about themselves.
    • Laura Rohde, "Surfers Want Privacy," CIO WebBusiness, 9/1/2000. Reports on a recent survey showing 60% of Internet users polled were "very concerned" about protecting their privacy online. Few, however, indicate taking means to protect themselves, such as rejecting cookies, giving false personal information.
    • RayaTahan, "The Hot List," BOB Interactive, 9/1/2000. Explores privacy, other legal issues that may arise in purchasing a customer list from a failed startup. Federal Trade Commission reported to have filed suit against, investigating and others for sale of databases to retailers.

    Customer Service Online (Gen)

    • Linda Berlin, "Giving Customers What They Want," The Industry Standard, 9/18/2000. Survey of online customer service outsourcing providers and technology, and why demand for the service will grow rapidly. For one thing, support calls cost $33 each by telephone, $10 by email, and $1.17 for a web-based search. Covers AskJeeves, Kana,eGain, and Servicesoft.

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    E-commerce/EDI links and resources

    Comprehensive list of EC companies sorted by country.
    See all the latest -The definative new source for the Internet - Ecommerce news
    Links to electronic commerce industry and regional organizations.
    Links to companies that provide electronic commerce services and products.
    The premier industry association for Internet Commerce.
    The premier industry association for Internet Commerce.
    All Business Network - An in-depth source of information for anyone in business.

    click here for their complete directory

    The Keenan Reports on B2B and Ecommerce issues...Vernon Keenan provides e-commerce advice to leading Internet companies. He is pleased to share his market research with you.
    Bid4assets B2b site for bankruptcy asset bids...great links to other resources The Tri-Cities Connection...Global Commerce Center
    Submit your favorites WWW Electronic Commerce


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    EDI/EFT & B2B Technology Companies

    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

    EDI Implementation Guidelines (EDI IG's)

    Search the Web For The Best Prices!

    Electronic Commerce / Electronic Data Interchange Links

    Buyer's Guide to Electronic Commerce - Listing of various vendors of products and services in the EC/EDI area.

    Sterling Commerce - EDI translation software and network services.

    CommerceNet - Large scale market trials of EC technologies.

    CTI Communications - Specializing in EDI communications products.

    The EC Company - Focused on delivering an easy, affordable, business-to-business EC solution with products targeting largest segment of the economy, companies that range in size from $2 million to $500 million in sales.

    EDI/EC Information Center - Site to provide information, trends, and newsletters, relative to EDI/EC.

    Electronic Commerce DataBase - Database of information and links to EC companies and upcoming events.

    Electronic Commerce World - Monthly publication addressing EC and EDI management and technology integration.

    Harbinger Corporation - EDI translation software and network services.

    Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) - View documents developed by the IETF which educates and develops standards/recommendations for EDI on the Internet.

    PGP - Pretty Good Privacy Inc. providing encryption solutions for secure communications and data storage.

    Uniform Code Council (UCC) - Site of entity charged with establishing and promoting multi-industry standards and services that support product identification and electronic communications.

    United Nations Trade Data Interchange Directory - UN/EDIFACT Standards Directory.

    Washington Publishing Company - EDI ANSI X12 Published Standards.

    Value Added Network Links

    AT&T Easylink Services - Global messaging services.

    GE Information Services - Company news, VAN/EDI products and services, and company highlights.

    Sterling Commerce - EDI translation software and network services.

    Transettlements - Value Added Network information.

    Read the IMS Ecommerce newsletters for some real insights.

    Vendors can submit their URL for consideration

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