rewarding visually exciting web sitesCreative Designs add visual excitement to compliment these sites messages, products and "Web Appeal"

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Shopping sites don't have to be boringGood designs in web pages rewards the authors and viewers equally. Never before have the masses had a chance to express themselves to such a diverse audience. Our site reviewers have spent thousands of hours "surfing the Web" and are still amazed by the imagination, creativity and artistic ability of both amateur and professional web designers. This is one category   where there is a level playing ground,  regardless of budget restraints, because the Web is the showplace for  original graphic ideas and talented artists. The media publishing costs are negligible, and often the "shoe string" site will outshine the well funded corporate "Ad Agency" generated site by being a -labor of love....

Design Award Considerations:

  • Painting words to express ideasTasteful display of content blended with compelling meaningful graphics.

  • Over all visual effects ( backgrounds, buttons, spacers, navigation aids )

  • Creative animations, multi-media, & splash intro screens or dynamic product displays

  • Great effects with minimal laod timeOriginal Art  vs. canned clip art and stock photos. Sites like can guide you on techniques. All the images here were done with Paintshop Pro.

  • Good Navagation aids and overall appearance with emphasis on the words.

  • Visual excitement should be prevelent on the opening page drawing the visitor into the site. All should be done without exceeding the image size of 35K max. Large images should be thumbnailed.

Optimize your images with special tools Graphic rendering by IMS of a living room

Porsch @ 10.2 K -Model image size only -8.4K

Toshiba PDR-T20 2.0 Megapixel Camera 2x Zoom with USB interface for $139
Toshiba PDR-T20 2.0 Megapixel Camera 2x Zoom at an unbelievable price of $139.00

this Toshiba Digital camers is a sleek, High-Tech Imaging Power wonder! Put more fun into your digital photogra-phy with the bold new PDR-T20 while these are priced to move the remaining stock. Only from Toshiba, this sleek, sophisticated 2.0 megapixel digital camera features a user-friendly touchscreen LCD that guides you effortlessly through it various shooting and playback modes simply by tapping icons on the LCD with a stylus, just as you would with your PDA. The PDR-T20 gives you the best of all worlds with its point-and-shoot convenience, its wealth of advanced photographic features, and its head-turning, silver metallic casing that combines pocket-sized dimensions with an elegent sliding lens cover.

Take advantage of its 2.0 million-pixel CCD sensor to capture detailed 1600 x 1200 images with superior color reproduction. For an up-close feel, there is a 2x optical zoom lens, plus a 3x digital telephoto mode resulting in 6x total zooming capabilities. These features, merged with the award-winning ACDSee editing software, make the PDR-T20 the perfect camera for any picture-taking situation. Price $139.00 while they last!

award for concept & content Awards for order fulfillment

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