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Provide Responsive Customer Service

Now you have all the piecesYour product may be great, but if it's not supported by excellent customer service, you may find that you can't sell it very easily. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, 68% of customers defect to other online provides due to poor service, but only 12% left due to an inferior product. So be sure to make customer service an integral part of your Ecommerce marketing strategy. Online Customer Service

An online customer service department can offer three times as much support for your customers - at a fraction of the price it takes to operate an offline customer service department. It should include:

  • One or more phone numbers for customer calls
  • A dedicated e-mail address, such as
  • Real time online communication with your customers such as chat room and or a bulletin board
  • A fax number and mailing address

You can also set up a centralized online "Customer Service Desk" which includes commonly used forms such as:

  • Change of name
  • Change of address
  • Subscription renewal
  • Change of password
  • Returns
  • Complaints
  • FAQs and customer feedback
  • Online instant talk button ..tied to a call center

What Do When Your Online Customer Service Dept. Is Overloaded

If you don't have the staff to respond to customer e-mail promptly, set up a mailbot - essentially a brief form letter -- to provide temporary, automated customer service replies. Then definatley followup with a personalized e-mail message as time permits. Remember thta acquiring customers costs money and keeping them happy or informed keeps you in business.

Adding A Human Touch

No matter how guy_tip.gif (3880 bytes)easy and convenient your Ecommerce site may seem to you, there are many consumers who will stop short of actually buying from it because they prefer a human interaction.

One option for adding a human touch to your website is by adding a "live help" option. With a click of a mouse, consumers can be transferred to a live customer service representative.

For more information about adding "live help" to your website, contact your webmaster & hosting provider, the best are offering these services to their customers. Not only practical but if you already have the help desk staff ... often a necessity to make everyone happier.

Step 10 - Evaluate Your Site

E-commerce is a powerful tool

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